Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer
Product Description

Ultra or Super Isolation Transformer effective for Isolating subtle gears from line voltage transients, D.C. seepage and spikes etc. They are particularly intended for receptive important equipment’s such as peripherals and computers, digital communication telemetry systems, medical instrumentation, CNC machines etc., and discontinuing like disorders formed by the loud gear load from being introduced into the power line.
Multiple shielding systems are used to reduce the inter winding capacitance to beneath 0.005 Pico farad and enlarges D.C. Isolation to above 1000-2000 Mega ohms. To be accurate any transformers that have no direct current path within its primary and secondary windings provides Isolation. Other usually employed transformers even if they have distinct primary and secondary winding are strategic to modify the input voltage to a more obliging level and do very little to gratify the resources of admittance of noise of passing from primary to secondary. While, both are separately wound transformers, they are significantly diverse with respect to Construction, requirement & their performance structures. In protected transformer, 4 low impedance paths happen for noises to go chief by to secondary and vice versa:
  • High Value of Coupling Capacity.
  • The greatest Linkage of magnetic arena.
  • The leakage current.
  • Motionless transfer of Electric Noises.
Product Overview: These are our assortment of circulation transformers that are type practiced from ERDA. We possess an assortment of acknowledged ratings of our varied transformers. Like we possess 3 and 4 star rating similarly recognized for 16, 25, 100, 200 KVA transformers. The transformers together with routine testing experience Type Test in which succeeding test are done:
  • Short Circuit Test
  • The Lightening Impulse Test
  • The Temperature Rise Test
  • The Vacuum Test
  • Air Pressure Test
  • Magnetic Balance Test
  • Permissible Flux Density & Overfluxing Test
These Super Isolation Transformer are enormously capable and are exceptionally energy saver. They have temperately low losses. The GTB is an accepted supplier of a variety of state electricity Boards like HPSEB, PSPCL and several more. We participate in tenders of star valued transformers and also donate for repair proposals of state electricity boards.
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